Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Enter the 'Holy Grail' of classic vintage watch collectibles .. 1969 Rolex DAYTONA Cosmograph, so called Paul Newman ref. 6241 

Where do I start .. so much has been documented about these watches.  I purchased this one from the original owner, with an unique story, and I think thats what collectors appreciate about purchasing from me, I really try to curate all my vintage pieces from the owners or owners family; provenance is hard to put a price on.  Owned and previously loved by a Canadian gentleman, who purchased the watch while backpacking in Europe !  He made the purchase in Zurich, Switzerland and made a good choice when he chose to take the unpopular (at the time) exotic dial over the more popular regular configuration.  Purchase price approximately $600- USD ..  Fast forward a few decades and after a little research he did on his own he figured it was time to cash out on the vintage watch craze and put the money to better use.. 

This model has the black acrylic bezel with reference number 6241 produced from 1967 along side  its brother the 6239 (on Mr. Newmans wrist in the photo above). The 6241 fetches a 15-20% premium over the 6239 for the black acrylic bezel.  It has powered by the Valjoux Cal. 722 - 18,000vph mechanical movement photographed above.  This 6241 is complete with the very rare and sought after exotic so called 'Paul Newman' dial produced by Singer.  The dial was available alongside the regular dial and was relatively unpopular, making them uncommon now and extremely rare and sought after.  Historically these watches just keep heading North in terms of value and I think this is just the beginning !  

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