Friday, April 24, 2015


Q: What are Dauphine hands ?

A:  Dauphine type watch hands is the name given to a particular watch hand design that was developed and implemented during the late 1940's and is still currently very popular.  The word describes the style of watch hand commonly used which is wide and tapered; usually but not always with a ridge running down the center of the hand.  It has become known as the 'Dauphine' type, the word is of French origin and can mean two things ... The first is the name given to the wife of a 'Dauphin' or Prince.  The second Anglicized meaning of the word is 'Dolphin'.  The hands start off wide with a little point and end thin and tapered just like the top silhouette of a Dolphin!  Hence the name 'Dauphine' type hands ..

Illustrated below is a beautiful example of stainless steel Dauphine type hands on a very rare vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual - TRU-DATE wristwatch.

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