Saturday, February 23, 2013


Customers often ask the question:  In your opinion what is a modern or recent Rolex production watch that will become collectible or iconic in the future?  It's difficult to answer because it is hard to predict fashion trends, which I believe play a large role in what is hot in the watch world.  For many years now the trend has been large steel sports models and it seems to be sticking around longer than I thought.  Not so long ago the Rolex Prince & Bubble Backs were the watches to have and collect, now when I put a bubble back on my wrist it looks like it was made for a small child.  It is very small and therefore very difficult to trade or sell; the values have declined substantially.

With that said, I feel the black dial Rolex Explorer II ref. 16570 is a rising star.  The size is great (not to big or small), the dial is so much better in black than in white.  The later models (after 1996) where the Luminova showed a really green colour, especially against the white dial are not very attractive and against the black dial they look fine.  The second time zone and fixed 24 hr bezel set it apart from the subs or GMT's.  The red hand is also very nice, especially now that the more moderns ones have moved back to the orange colour.  In my opinion, these are all the ingredients for a 'classic' in the future.  The prices are really at the bottom for these now and there are still many examples such as this one that are available with their original documents etc.

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