Sunday, February 3, 2008


Reflecting on the past week I realize how much my business, Knightsbridge in the heart of downtown Toronto (corner Bay & Bloor streets) and I personally have grown in the past 12 months at that location.    With the purchase and sale of a really fine and rare Rolex Daytona Paul Newman, ref.6241 & a couple more very rare watches to be added in the coming week.  It makes me proud to know that with so many qualified and reputable vintage watch dealers in Toronto and around the globe my  new and existing clients are always sure that by coming to me they are getting the most honest service and highest price for their treasures.  From the very first steps up to my private showroom next to Tiffany & Co. on Bloor Street to the last sip  of fine French Champagne or my famous espresso's.. with thrilled clients after a wonderful deal, I feel proud with what the 'Knightsbridge' experience has grown to become. I now really feel proud to be a part of what has been in my family through over four generations and what our family name known worldwide has come to mean, only the highest level of service and respect.   "Honesty, Trust & Hard Work" coupled with the relaxed atmosphere at my office and absolute privacy & respect for my clients.  That's why Knightsbridge is a success!  This is nothing new as I have had great teachers, this is just the beginning of great things to come!!  Stay tuned this week for some really great pieces...

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